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Homeopathy is a healing art. It is an outstanding system of medicine that works on certain basic principles as laid down by its founder Dr. Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann. Homeopathy as science has undergone some very revolutionary changes since the time of its inception, some 200 years ago in Germany. Supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Moreover, it is always more effective, where the common practice is powerless. The medicaments, if skilfully administered, cure a major portion of ills to which mankind is exposed. The basis of Homoeopathy is a law of nature which is immutable and infallible “Likes are Cured by Likes”.

“The Healing in Homeopathy Begins from within the Patient's body, Strengthening Their Immune System”.

The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easy comprehensible principles
Dr. Hahnemann
Founder of Homeopathy

"Homoeopathy, with its single purpose of attention to the whole human being and prescribing the right remedy to trigger the VITAL FORCE within the human constitution to begin its own curative process, is a medical science, which is being recognized and extensively used by physicians throughout the world”.

Homeopathic Remedies Are Non-Toxic & Natural

Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies (not drugs). The remedies are unique, potentised energetic and drawn from plants, minerals and other natural sources. Homeopathic medicines are not tested on animals; they are proven on healthy humans. The remedies are safe, gentle, subtle and powerful.Homeopathic remedies down the years have emerged as the most promising science as they not only resolve the symptoms but also build up the immunity of body. They are also fast becoming the first line of treatment due to their high order of efficacy and moreover no side effects.

Homeopathy Heals Holistically

Although no system of medicine can guarantee one hundred percent cure for all ailments, Homoeopathy has over time emerged as a highly effective from of medical science that offers holistic and lasting relief. It works on the principle that any disease is a net result of the body and mind's response to various kinds of biological attacks, which in fact disturb our entire being. Homoeopathic medication work on both the planes - mind as well as the body - to provide holistic cure.

“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently”.
Mahatma Gandhi
Indian Politician

What Does Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopathy can successfully treat many chronic and acute diseases. However, the label of diseases are not very important in homeopathy because patients are treated as individuals, not as a collection of disease labels. Homeopathy can even treat that feeling "I know there's something wrong, but no-one seems to be able to find anything".

Homeopathy treats the root cause of the illness, not just the symptoms. We have successfully treated many cases of Migraine, Alopecia, Asthma (especially in children), Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, Skin disorders (Eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm, Urticaria etc), Hyperacidity and other gastric problems, IBS, Hormonal disturbances, Vomiting/Nausea (especially in pregnancy), Kidney and Gall stones/Biliary stones, Anaemia, Sciatica, Obesity, Acne and freckles etc. It also offers some of the best medicines for viral conditions such as the common cold, influenza, coronavirus diseases, measles, chicken pox, mumps, jaundice, viral meningitis. Moreover, good efficacy is seen in the management of psychosomatic ailments such as anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy/suspicion, paranoia, depression, neurosis, etc.

Most of the commonly used allopathic medicines for such cases only offer symptomatic relief and do not combat the viral infections.  

Can Homeopathic Remedies Help You To Avoid Surgery?

Although no system of medicine can guarantee one hundred percent cure for all ailments, Homoeopathy has over time emerged as a highlsdasdy effective from of medical science that offers holistic and lasting relief. It works on the principle that any disease is a net result of the body and mind's response to various kinds of biological attacks, which in fact disturb our entire being. Homoeopathic medication work on both the planes - mind as well as the body - to provide holistic cure. 

It is not as if our homeopathic brothers are asleep: far from it, they are awake–many of them at any rate–to the importance of the scientific study of disease.
Sir William Osler
Father of Modern Medicine

What Does Homeopathic Medicine Taste Like?

There are three types of Homeopathic medicines commonly used. None of these three have got an unpleasant taste or smell.

Classical Homeopathic remedies, come in taste less liquid form or in small
sugar pills.
Classical Remedies
Biochemic Tissue Salts are usually prescribed/given as a pleasant-tasting small lactose powder tablets, globules.
Tissue Salts
Mother Tinctures come in liquid form. Most of our mother tinctures are herbal extracts, so mild taste, and the color is expected.
Mother Tinctures
"I have long been an ardent believer in the science of homoeopathy, and I feel happy that it has got now a greater hold in India than even in the land of its origin. It is not merely a collection”
Rabindranath Tagore
Famous Indian Poet

Are Homeopathic Medicines Safe to Use?

Homeopathic remedies are gentle and very effective with no side effects.  Homeopathy is suitable for use in all age groups and conditions. Homeopathy is also safe to use alongside any other medication

Why Choose Homeopathy For Children?

  • * Most of the remedies are prepared from herbs and minerals
  • * Homeopathic remedies are mild and harmless
  • * Homeopathy has no adverse effects and does not weaken the children’s developing immune system
  • * Simple to bite and pleasant taste
  • * Strengthens the immune system
  • * Homeopathic medicines enhance the defence mechanism of the body, thus preventing recurring infections and other ailments
  • * Ultra-minute doses and quick relief in acute conditions

Gift Your Little One Tender Care

Homeopathic medicines are ideal for babies and children because of their gentle yet effective nature. These remedies can promote, build and maintain a strong immune system for a child - this raised immunity can help deal with illnesses throughout childhood.

We have successfully treated; Attention deficit disorder (ADHD), Autism and other Behaviour disorders, Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Fear, Colic, Asthma, Eczema, Allergies, Slow development, Bedwetting, Constipation, Earache, Teething and Sleeping disorders.

Children, with their developing immune system, are more susceptible to ailments or acute infections that keep surfacing from time to time. Paradoxically, parents are more prone to administering quick relief medication, not realizing that while the medication provides a quick-fix cure, it leaves behind a trail of adverse effects. More important - most ailments make nagging and frequent comebacks.

Homoeopathy has earned immense credibility, particularly for the management of diseases of new-born babies, neonates and young children. In fact, many paediatricians prefer Homoeopathy over other systems of medicine for their patients, as well as for their own children

Are These Medicines Safe in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?


Homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe to use for both mother and baby/fetus.

Homeopathic medicines are not just safe but very beneficial in pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers.

Homeopathy is very effective for relieving common symptoms like vomiting, heartburn, sciatic pains, piles, varicose veins, constipation, fatigue and anxiety in pregnancy.  

Homeopathic medicine can also be used during the actual birth. These remedies can help weak or irregular contractions and labour which doesn’t progress.

Homeopathy can also be a great help  to the mother for recovering from the birth, remedies can be given for healing bruises, building up energy levels, breast-feeding problems, mastitis, cracked nipples, and post-natal depression.

Sexual Health/Infertility

If you have carefully followed your GP’s advice, and have tried alternative remedies but nothing seems to be working, it is advisable (for both genders) to consult your case with a Psychosexual Therapist!

A female’s fertility issues are also not always caused by the absence of ovum, ovarian cysts, weakness of the uterus, or hormonal imbalance; it can be the result of a male’s low sperm count, erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation.

We strongly advise to all our female patients with fertility issues to get diagnosed by a gynaecologist in the first instance to find out the root cause of the problem and then engage in a treatment program.

There are many natural ways to maintain your sex life. 

Difficulties with erection, fertility, sexual stamina, or libido may not be medical/pathological; they are often connected with your mood, your confidence, diet, relationship with your partner, or your previous experiences. If your problems are medically related, it is worth looking at Homeopathy as an alternative treatment; this is because Homeopathic remedies treat the whole person rather than one part of your body or a named disease. Also, modern/allopathic medicines to enhance erections are not free from side effects and may not always work! 

Always keep in your mind that there is no product available that can increase or decrease your private part’s size, just as there is no product to increase the size of any other part of your body. 

How Do We Work With Patients To Devise Homeopathic Treatment?

The first consultation which is totally confidential takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour. It involves detailed case taking by the homeopathic physician, where the patient is examined, listened to and carefully questioned regarding their medical history and characteristics of their personality to help build up a comprehensive picture of the problem.

After careful case taking the physician will analyse the whole picture and compare the symptoms to known remedies. The remedy closest to the patient's individual symptoms is prescribed/given.

After a suitable interval the patient will return to see the homeopath to assess the effect of the treatment and receive more treatment as and when appropriate. The number of appointments, number of remedies and amount of treatment will vary for each patient according to their condition and its severity.

General Instructions on taking remedies

1. All Homeopathic Remedies should be taken on an empty stomach (unless advised otherwise)

2. Do not eat/drink 10-15 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedies (except in an emergency). 

3. Do not touch the actual remedy with your hands (if your hands are not clean), place remedy on the cap or use a clean spoon. 

4. All remedies should be taken without water except liquid/drops (unless advised otherwise). Pills/globules should be chewed and swallowed.

5. Allopathic medicine can be taken along with Homeopathy, however you should not combine any other sort of medicines with Homeopathic remedies. It is preferred that you leave at least 30 minutes gap with all other medicines.

6. Do not use strong perfume 10-15 minutes before and after taking the remedies.

7. Do not keep/open your remedy where there are any strong smells like cigarette smoke, room spray etc.

8. Do not brush your teeth 5-10 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedy.

9. Only take the dose that has been recommended by the consultant.

10. Keep all Remedies/medicines out of reach of children. 

11. Patients who use life-saving drugs or suffer from heart problems, asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, or any other life-threatening disease, should not stop their regular medication unless they have been advised to by their GP.