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£ 35 First-time consultation fee for Acute Cases (upto 30 minutes)
  • Chronic/long term illnesses consultation fees will be charged at £40  (for up to an hour and thereafter £10 per every half an hour)
  • Medicine charges will be according to the cost £30 - £40/week
  • Note: Most of the time a lengthy consultation is not needed after the first detailed consultation. Therefore we do not charge any consultation fee for following appointments. Patients need to update us by Email / Phone / Text Message with their symptoms before their prescribed Medicine is finished and we will prepare their remedies accordingly.


Silver Package

Beginners & General Health
£ 35 Per Session
  • Up to 7 Cups
  • 20-30 Minutes

Gold Package

General Health with other health issues
£ 45 Per Session
  • Up to 10 Cups
  • 20-40 Minutes

Platinum Package

General Health + Chronic health issues
£ 55 Per Session
  • Up to 15 Cups
  • 30-45 Minutes

Moving Cupping / Percussion Massage

£ 25 Per Session
  • Up to 15 Minutes
  • Half an hour session available

*Please Note:  In about 90% of our cases, we target the upper part of the patient's body (especially the back and neck), however, in some cases we do need to put cups on the lower part of your body,  head and the front part of your body. Cupping on the head, front and back, upper part and lower part cannot be performed in one session, therefore you may be asked to pay additional charges *Cupping Consultation is free of charge for up to 15 Minutes. *Consultation and our expert’s advice are included in the above-mentioned time.


Allergy IgE Test

Food and Environmental Allergies
£ 175 Per Test
  • Guaranteed Results in 24 Hrs

Food IgG Test-A

51 Daily use Foods
£ 165 Per Test
  • Guaranteed Results in 24 Hrs

Food IgG Test-B

59 Daily use Foods
£ 175 Per Test
  • Guaranteed Results in 24 Hrs​

Food IgG Test-C

Asian / Subcontinent Foods
£ 155 Per Test
  • Guaranteed Results in 24 Hrs​


Blood Sugar/Pressure

£ Free With other Services


£ 150 Per Test
  • Guaranteed Results in 24 Hrs​

Blood Oxygen
Level Test(SpO2)

£ Free With other Services

General Instructions on taking remedies

1. All Homeopathic Remedies should be taken on an empty stomach (unless advised otherwise)

2. Do not eat/drink 10-15 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedies (except in an emergency). 

3. Do not touch the actual remedy with your hands (if your hands are not clean), place remedy on the cap or use a clean spoon. 

4. All remedies should be taken without water except liquid/drops (unless advised otherwise). Pills/globules should be chewed and swallowed.

5. Allopathic medicine can be taken along with Homeopathy, however you should not combine any other sort of medicines with Homeopathic remedies. It is preferred that you leave at least 30 minutes gap with all other medicines.

6. Do not use strong perfume 10-15 minutes before and after taking the remedies.

7. Do not keep/open your remedy where there are any strong smells like cigarette smoke, room spray etc.

8. Do not brush your teeth 5-10 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedy.

9. Only take the dose that has been recommended by the consultant.

10. Keep all Remedies/medicines out of reach of children. 

11. Patients who use life-saving drugs or suffer from heart problems, asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis, or any other life-threatening disease, should not stop their regular medication unless they have been advised to by their GP.


*The patient can bring only one additional person into the treatment room, however, both parents are allowed to attend with a baby or a young child.

* Please try to attend your appointment on time, otherwise, you may not be seen or provided enough time.

*We require at least 24 hours cancellation notice.

*If you miss your appointment without cancellation notice a charge of £20 will be applied before any further appointments are given.

*We try our best to see our patients on time but unfortunately this is not always possible. Our usual waiting time is around 5-10 minutes, however, on rare occasions you may have to wait longer, if a patient has an urgent clinical need.

Please read our prices and terms and conditions of service/treatment carefully prior to booking an appointment.

We accept payment by Cash Only

Appointment Only Service